• Estudio Sampere 60th Anniversary
  • Estudio Sampere Madrid intensive course students


    Our largest school with more than 2000 students every year.
  • Estudio Sampere Salamanca university group photo


    Spain's most prestigious university town.
  • Estudio Sampere Alicante students with the Mediterranean sea


    The pearl of the Mediterranean.
  • Estudio Sampere Cuenca Ecuador archaeological site


    The cultural capital of Ecuador.
  • Estudio Sampere La Habana Cuba students from the Study & Travel Program


    A mixture of history, exotic and beautiful landscapes.

Learn Spanish at Estudio Sampere

Estudio Sampere offers quality Spanish language courses since 1956: from Internship, Travel & Study, Volunteer programs to Junior, Senior programs and the classic intensive courses. The classes are in small groups of an average of six students per classroom. The schools are located in five attractive cities in three countries: Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante (Spain), Cuenca (Ecuador) and La Habana (Cuba).

Learning Spanish where it is spoken is the best way to develop language skills for work, study and travel. Estudio Sampere is also a partner institution of the Erasmus+ Program (2014-2020). All our schools have Bildungsurlaub recognitions. We're also have experience with the Scuola Alternanza Lavoro and INPS- Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale programs.

Course Locations

Estudio Sampere Madrid - students at La Plaza Mayor Madrid - Spain

Estudio Sampere Madrid is located within the prestigious Salamanca district of the capital. The school has been recently refurbished and is surrounded by supermarkets, cafeterias and international brands' boutiques.

Estudio Sampere Salamanca - students at La Plaza Mayor Salamanca - Spain

Salamanca is Spain's most prestigious university town.
Estudio Sampere Salamanca is located in a street just five minutes from the "Plaza Mayor".

Estudio Sampere Alicante - Spanish course students Alicante - Spain

Alicante features a wonderful climate all year round. Sampere Alicante is located in the city centre, across from the "Teatro Principal". Postiguet Beach is just a five minutes' walk away, as are the Renfe Train Station and the Central Market.

Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador. Estudio Sampere Cuenca is located in a detached building overlooking the Barranco River in the city centre.

La Habana is a historical reference in the Caribbean. Estudio Sampere La Habana is located in a 3-story building in a residential neighborhood called La Vibora.

Spanish Programs

Intensive Spanish

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Intensive Spanish

The Intensive course is available for a variety of levels from complete beginner up to advanced.

The course takes place from Monday to Friday and consists of 20 group lessons of 45 minutes each per week.

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D.E.L.E / S.I.E.L.E Preparation

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D.E.L.E Preparation

The D.E.L.E (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is an official diplomas supervised and issued by the Instituto Cervantes.

It shows the students grade of Spanish competency and it is recognized all over the world

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Individual tuition suits people who want to improve their Spanish very quickly and intensively.

It is a popular choice for business and professional people whose time is limited and who may have very specific requirements.

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Junior Course

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Junior Course

This special summer course for students aged 13 to 15 combines Spanish study with a holiday in the historical university city of Salamanca.

Spanish lessons in small classes are combined with activities and excursions to provide students with the opportunity to experience a new culture and make international friends.

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Senior Course

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Senior Course

This special course is designed for senior students, aged 50 and up, who not only want to improve their Spanish level, but also want to spend a pleasant and cultural vacation in Spain.

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All Courses

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All Courses

Estudio Sampere offers a variety of courses: Intensive and Senior programs, Work experience, Spanish teacher program, Volunteer, Junior Summer Programs, Travel & Study and more.

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Our Students' Comments

Discover more student experiences here

  • "Pasé un tiempo fenomenal, gracias no solo por las clases divertidas y buenísimas, pero también por los amigos, para la vida y un novio. ¡Voy a echar de menos a vosotros!"

    Niccola Kohl, Alemania (Sampere MADRID)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "I chose Estudio Sampere for the high quality of its teachers and variety of programs. The school offers several intensive courses taught by professionals in small classrooms. The professors are very knowledgeable and provide a nurturing environment geared towards intensive immersion based learning."

    J. Maracek, Czech Republic-USA (4 months. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "When I arrived at Alicante for the first time, everything was beautiful. My home was close to the beach and the school. I still remember my first day of Sampere. It was cosy and lovely. All students and teachers were just like family. I miss Alicante."

    YoungJae Cho, South Korea (20 weeks. Sampere ALICANTE)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "My whole experience at your school was very well organized and coordinated. The balance of grammar review and conversation was just right. My teachers, Lucia and Ruth, were energetic, enthusiastic, patient, and broadly educated. They were a pleasure to work with. Your facilities are excellent and centrally located. I have studied in four other Spanish language schools in three other countries the last four winters. None provided an experience superior to Sampere's."

    Gregory Palermo, U.S.A (Sampere CUENCA, Ecuador)
  • Estudio Sampere Student

    "During the two weeks I spent with Estudio Sampere, I learned more than just Spanish. They taught me about Cuba's history, culture, and the day to day lives of the Cuban people.

    Thank you Estudio Sampere La Habana for an experience that I will never forget! Here is a youtube video of our time there."

    Alice, USA (Sampere HABANA)

About Estudio Sampere

Alberto and Isabel Sampere pioneered in Spanish language teaching and established the first Estudio Sampere School in Madrid in 1956. The Sampere family has been running this small group of boutique schools focusing on Quality Spanish Courses for 60 years now. Today, Sampere offers a variety of programs to study Spanish in Spain and Latin America. Each one of the 5 schools is unique and offers a different advantage for learning Spanish.

At Estudio Sampere, quality standard is recognised by: the following organizations: Instituto Cervantes, IALC (International Association of Language Centres), AATSP(American Assoication of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) and NAFSA (Association of International Educators).

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