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Madrid is a mixture of centuries-old traditions and modern metropolis. Estudio Sampere Madrid is our largest school, with around 2000 students every year.

Spanish Courses in Madrid


Salamanca is Spain's most prestigious university town and home to its oldest university. Sampere Salamanca is located in a pedestrian street just five minutes from the "Plaza Mayor".

Spanish Courses in Salamanca


Alicante is the pearl of the Mediterranean, featuring a wonderful climate all year round. Sampere Alicante is located in the city centre, across from the "Teatro Principal".

Spanish Courses in Alicante

Cuenca (Ecuador)

Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador and its third largest city. Estudio Sampere Cuenca is located in a detached building overlooking the Barranco River in the city centre.

Spanish Courses in Cuenca

Havana (Cuba)

Sampere Havana is located in a detached building in La Vibora, in South Havana. Sampere offers students invaluable assistance and advises on the various possibilities for traveling in Cuba.

Spanish Courses in Havana
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