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Accommodation Options in Cuba


The student will have a single room, at times with a private bathroom, the registration includes half board. Laundry is also included. Most of the houses have a garden, and are situated 5 to 20 minutes walking from the school. Families are not allowed to provide students with lunch or breakfast. Half board is provided at the school.

Breakfast, usually served early, consists of fruit juice, a choice of chocolate, tea or coffee with milk, and bread with butter and jam. Lunch is usually served at 13:00 and generally consists of three courses: soup (made with vegetables or potatoes or a typical soup of the region), a "main course" (usually meat, chicken or fish served with salad and almost always with rice, and dessert (fresh fruit or fruit in syrup, or cake or other specialties). Supper is not included; we recommend discovering the different small restaurant around the school or in Havana. These private restaurants are call ?Paladar?!

It must be kept in mind that the family that receives a Sampere student is not a business professional and that the relationship should be a personal one. Minimum stay of 1 week.


The residence is situated on the school building. Half board is included (Monday to Sunday). Three rooms with shared bathroom are available. The residence also offers the possibility of dinner.

Hotels and hostels

Estudio Sampere can recommend hotels and hostels for different budgets in all destinations. The hotels are located close to the schools. We have worked with our hotels for many years and have special rates in most of them.

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