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Student Rooms

Renting a student room gives you a more independent lifestyle.

At Student Rooms, you share an apartment with two to four other people, usually other Sampere students, with whom you also share certain expenses and the household tasks. You will have a private and basic room (bed, table, closet, lamps, window).

The kitchen, living room and bathroom are communal. You may pay for small household expenses such as toiletries and house-cleaning materials. You will all be responsible for keeping the apartment clean.

The minimum stay in a student room is one week. We advise long-term students to book the first four weeks before arrival. Once in Spain, you can extend the rental period.

Student Rooms
Travel Time Madrid: Max. 40 minutes by public transport
Other locations: 20-25 minutes by walking distance or approx. 15 minutes by public transport (other locations).
Room type Single or Double room. (Two people must book and travel together to book a double room).
Kitchen Shared kitchen.
Bathroom Shared bathroom.
Bed linen / towels: Bed linen and towels are provided.
Internet Access Internet access is normally not possible in student rooms.
Deposit The room owner may require a deposit of EUR 50-100 upon arrival. The owner will refund this deposit at the end of your stay, provided all items in the apartment are in the same condition.
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