Spanish Host families

Homestay or family accommodation is the most popular choice in all Sampere destinations. Students have the oportunity to live with a host family, sharing meals and facilities and practicing Spanish in a traditional and friendly environment.

Most of our families are located not far from our schools. In most Estudio Sampere destinations, the homes are at a walking distance of about 20-25 minutes from the school.

Public transport (subway or bus) normally takes about 15 minutes. However, in Estudio Sampere Madrid, a journey of 30-40 minutes on public transport is possible.

Most students book a single room, however two people traveling together may request a double room.

  • Travel Time

    Estudio Sampere Madrid: 30-40 minutes by public transport
    Other Estudio Sampere Schools: 20-25 minutes by walking distance or 15 minutes by public transport.

  • Room type

    Single or Double room.

    Note: Only students traveling together can book a double room

  • Meal type

    Half-board (breakfast and dinner) or
    Full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Bed linen / towels

    Bed linen and towels are provided and changed weekly.

  • Laundry

    Host families will do a small amount of your laundry once a week.

  • Internet Access

    Most host families have wi-fi internet access. Eitherway, all Estudio Sampere schools have wi-fi and computers for the students' use

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