• Arts and Crafts Program in Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Ceramics from Cuenca, Ecuador

Spanish + Arts and Crafts Course

20+10 lessons per week, Cuenca - Ecuador

Cuenca is a city with an important tradition in both traditional crafts and contemporary arts and the Arts & Crafts program is based on this unique feature.

The program includes 20 lessons of Spanish lessons and 10 lessons of Arts and Crafts lessons per week.

Students enrolled in this special program will receive hands-on training in traditional crafts such as weaving, hand crafted and wheel-turned pottery and basketry.

This program is aimed at students who, in addition to the Spanish and culture lessons, are searching for ways of self-expression and leisure. We strongly believe that this program will be a very enjoyable one and Cuenca is one of the best places for such an experience.

  • Starting Dates

    Every Monday
    Students who have already studied Spanish can start on any Monday.

  • Number of students

    Max. 6 in Ecuador
    Estudio Sampere pays individual attention to each student. Therefore, Estudio Sampere guarantees to offer Spanish classes in small groups all year round.

  • Course Levels

    Beginner to Advanced
    Estudio Sampere offers Intensive Courses for 7 levels from Elementary (A1) up to Advanced (C1) level.

  • Course Schedule

    Morning Spanish lesson (7:45 - 11:00)
    Afternoon 10 Arts and Crafts lessons per week

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