Special Offers 2018

Extra free class - Online Skype Spanish Lessons

Are you interested in continuing your Spanish classes online? At our Estudio Sampere Spain schools we offer on-line Skype lessons. Enjoy one-to-one lessons through Skype and continue to learn Spanish with your teacher. If you book 20 classes, you get an extra class and a monthly Premium license (Virtual Campus) for free. For more information or bookings, contact us at info@sampere.com.

Estudio Sampere News

Estudio Sampere Alicante opening all year

We have great news for 2018! Estudio Sampere Alicante will be opening all year round as of January 2018. As life is always full of surprises, we have new courses available! We take great pleasure in offering a Teen Program, Travel & Study Program and Online Skype classes! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat box or at info@sampere.com

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