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Salud Program

Specialized program for medical students in Cuenca, Ecuador

Our SALUD program is aimed at medical, nursing or pharmacy students hoping to learn Spanish medical vocabulary and become familiar with healthcare practices in a Latin American country. It also includes doctor shadowing in a non-profit medical institution in Cuenca. Due to Ecuadorian regulations it cannot include hands-on practice.

SALUD is a formally organized Spanish immersion program at Estudio Sampere in Cuenca, Ecuador. There will be orientations and safety instructions upon arrival in Cuenca.

  • Spanish Lessons

    Students will take part in both general and medically focused Spanish lessons, as well as cultural activities, excursions and a clinical/experiential component.

    - 4 weeks of Spanish classes in a Mini Group (20 lessons/week, maximum 6 students per group).
    - 4 weeks One-to-One Medical Vocabulary lessons (5 lessons/week).
    - Cultural activities.
    - 3 weekend activities.
    - Starting dates: Every Monday (Application Deadline: 6 weeks prior to start date.)

  • SALUD Program

    Specific tasks for the clinical portion are to be determined on-site based upon students' language proficiency and past experience, as well as upon their ability to integrate well with the doctors.

    - Service learning visits.
    - Family Doctor or Specialist shadowing.
    - Discussions/Lectures on Ecuadorian health issues.

    In addition to observation and shadowing, students may also be asked to interact with patients in the following ways:

    - Taking vital signs
    - Getting medical records
    - Bandaging wounds
    - Any other task that the attending doctor requires.

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