Course Locations

Estudio Sampere schools are located in five cities in three different countries: Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante, in Spain, Cuenca (Ecuador) and La Habana (Cuba).

You can also combine destinations. Estudio Sampere's experience and expertise ensure fast progress and make studying Spanish fun.

Estudio Sampere Madrid - students at La Plaza Mayor Madrid - Spain

Estudio Sampere Madrid has just moved to a new location within the prestigious Salamanca district. The new school is completely refurbished and is surrounded by supermarkets, cafeterias and international brands' boutiques.

Estudio Sampere Salamanca - students at La Plaza Mayor Salamanca - Spain

Salamanca is Spain's most prestigious university town.
Estudio Sampere Salamanca is located in a street just five minutes from the "Plaza Mayor".

Estudio Sampere Alicante - Spanish course students Alicante - Spain

Alicante features a wonderful climate all year round. Sampere Alicante is located in the city centre, across from the "Teatro Principal".
Classes take place in Summer, from May to September.

Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador. Estudio Sampere Cuenca is located in a detached building overlooking the Barranco River in the city centre.

La Habana is a historical reference in the Caribbean. Estudio Sampere La Habana is located in a 3-story building in a nice residential neighborhood called La Vibora.

Our Students Comments

  • "Disfruté mi tiempo en Sampere mucho. Si tuviera la oportunidad, me encantaría volver allí.

    Los profesores son muy divertidos."

    Tristan, UK (Sampere MADRID)
  • "He aprendido mucho en Estudio Sampere. Las clases eran muy divertidas e interactivas.

    Me gustó aprender sobre cultura durante las actividades."

    Tenisha, USA (Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • "La escuela es excelente, la mejor que he visitado.

    Los profesores son muy amables y siempre preparados con lecciones interesantes y divertidas."

    Jack, Canada (Sampere ALICANTE)
  • "¡Las clases en Estudio Sampere son lo máximo!

    En escuela también ofrecen clases de baile y cocina(con platos típicos de la región). Me ha encantado."

    Stefanie, Switzerland (Sampere CUENCA)
  • "La Habana me ha sorprendido. Una experiencia diferente pero muy interesante.

    He aprendido mucho de la gente y la escuela."

    Alvaro, Italy (Sampere LA HABANA)

About Estudio Sampere

Alberto and Isabel Sampere pioneered in Spanish language teaching in the 1950s and established the first Estudio Sampere school in Madrid in 1956.

At Estudio Sampere, quality standard is assured by the following organizations: Instituto Cervantes, IALC, AATSP and NAFSA, among others.

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