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  • Plaza de Abdon Calderon
  • Parque Nacional El Cajas
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  • Inca ruins of Ingapirca - cultural trip

Learn Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador and its third largest city. It is also Ecuador's best-kept secret. Cuenca and its surrounding region are rich in nature, history and offers a colonial atmosphere that has survived thanks to years of almost complete isolation.

Cuenca is a city of fascinating contrasts: two universities, museums and art galleries stand alongside traditional indigenous markets rarely visited by foreigners. Exploring this delightful Latin American city and getting to know its friendly people will make you want to stay longer.

Estudio Sampere Cuenca is located in a detached building overlooking the Barranco River in the city centre, at just some blocks away from the Cathedral.

The school has seven classrooms, a small garden, common room, library and video room.

It has a friendly atmosphere, and the director and staff are Ecuadorians who make up a professional and committed team.

Estudio Sampere Cuenca

  • Location

    Centrally located, near the Barranco River

  • Internet

    Free Wifi and internet access available

  • Other facilities

    Small garden, common room, library and video room

Sample Activities

  • Cultural Classes

    Optional Culture classes (4 per week)

  • Visits

    Guided tours to museums and monuments (1 per week).

  • Excursions

    Full-day excursions to Ingapirca, Las Cajas, La Cuevas de Chobshi, El Chorro de Girón, etc. (3 per month).

  • Nightlife

    Dance and cooking classes (2 per week)

School location

Calle Hermano Miguel, 3-43 (Escalinata - Calle Larga), Cuenca, Ecuador

Our Students Comments

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  • "Thanks again to all of you! My daughter had a very nice experience and I will be sure to recommend your school in the future!!"

    D. M. Davies, USA (Sampere CUENCA)
  • "Cuenca is the ideal location to learn Spanish with lots of culture and a very nice old town."

    R. Greter, Switzerland (Sampere CUENCA)

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