• Estudio Sampere Teacher Training

Spanish Teacher Course

4 weeks program, Madrid Salamanca or Alicante

This program consists of a Super-intensive course designed for teachers of Spanish (both native and foreign speakers) who want to learn new methodologies, classroom activities, teacher planning, organizing cultural programs and creating and/or editing of materials to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE, in Spanish). It's structured in different modules, which cover the strategies and resources that an ELE teacher needs in the classroom, whether for in-class lessons or for on-line learning platforms.

During this 4-week program, participants will learn about ELE teacher training, and live real situations with international students, as during the last week of the program they will be able to apply all the theoretical content learned in one of our centers. The program includes 3 weeks of theoretical lectures and group workshops with different projects, followed by a week of teaching practices. Total program hours: 120 hours.

  • Spanish Methodology

    Theoretical ELE Training. Content includes:

    - Learning how to determine students' language ability.
    - Learning to determine the language ability of students.
    - Planning courses and objectives.
    - Course assessment: How and when to organize a test?
    - Presentation and study of textbooks and teaching materials.
    - Creation of teaching materials.
    - Presentation, study and practice of the most important aspects of Spanish grammar.

  • Workshops & Internships

    Projects and dicussiones will be held in 9 workshops on relevant subjects to be resolved through active learning and teamwork. Practical training sessions will also be organized to obtain the necessary skills to plan, organize and carry out ELE-related cultural and leisure activities.

    Participants will also have the opportunity to observe different kinds of Spanish lessons at Estudio Sampere. In this way, participants will be able to learn from a variety of teaching styles and practical techniques.

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