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Estudio Sampere Madrid

  • sampere student

    "Ha sido un placer y un regalo grandísimo recibir esta beca de Estudio Sampere. La oportunidad de mejorar mi español y mi confianza de viajar sola ha sido un regalo que no voy a olvidar. Me siento muy agradecida de compartir mis sentimientos de este viaje con mi familia, estudiantes y escuela." (See a video-diary of her experience.)

    R. Webb, USA (1 month with SCOLT Scholarship, Sampere MADRID)
  • Estudio Sampere group

    "We have taken pupils from our school to Sampere in Madrid several times and always had a wonderful experience. The staff, from Virginia Sampere herself (this is a family business established 60 years ago by her parents) down, are marvellous. The atmosphere is positive, relaxed and friendly. Great attention to detail is taken. Our boys have always spoken very highly of the lessons; the teachers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the programme is tailored to very specific needs. I have been organising school trips to Spain for over twenty years and, although I have found the odd school in different places that I like as much as Sampere, I have never found one better."

    R.Edmundson, City of London School (Sampere MADRID)
  • sampere student

    "Me encanta la escuela y echo de menos el tiempo con mis profesores y amigos! I am very grateful to the director of the school - Alicia - she was so kind to listen to my problem and found out the solution. Now I can say that I was at the right place at the right moment and I shared my experience with all my friends. The atmosphere in the classes, the teachers, the everyday activities, the classmates - everything was amazing for me! The idea to change the teachers every week, the walking tours and the night party - I am lucky one that I had a chance to take a part! Now I moved to live in Spain and I use all of my knowledge and I will keep on learning the language."

    P. Miteva, Bulgaria (3 months, Sampere MADRID)
  • "Disfruté de mi tiempo en Sampere mucho. Si tuviera la oportunidad, me encantaría volver allí. Los profesores son muy divertidos."

    Tristan, UK (Sampere MADRID)
  • "Me gusta mucho la escuela y los profesores porque son muy profesionales. Espero volver el próximo año para tener más clases!"

    K.Esser, Germany (2 weeks, Sampere MADRID)
  • "I really liked my time in the Estudio Sampere school in Madrid - the best thing was that we were able to speak a lot in Spanish (and that we did less grammar). I preferred the debates and interactions between us (especially when we chose a country we would save in the apocalypse)."

    V.Jack, UK (April 2016, Sampere MADRID)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Gracias a la familia de Sampere os voy a echar de menos y gracias a ustedes ahora hablo español. Un beso a todos."

    A. Saleh, Syria (Sampere MADRID)
  • "Les agradezco mucho. Si pudiera, me quedaría otro mes. Ojalá nos veamos el año que viene!"

    A.M. Rodriguez, USA (Sampere MADRID)

Estudio Sampere Salamanca

  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Salamanca is a beautiful and peaceful place to study, making friends. It is small, but they have everything you need there, beautiful churchs, nice people. Teachers in Sampere are very helpful and patient. Every week, new students came, but the maximum number of my class was 6, which made student like me can study and ask more questions. The atmosphere in class was relaxing and comfy. People in Sampere helped me a lot not only in study, but also my life in Salamanca. Definitely will go back again."

    P. Xu, China (6 weeks. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Todos los profesores son estupendos y he aprendido mucho, cuando llegué a Salamanca no sabía hablar español nada y en solamente 4 semanas puedo hablar en situaciones cotidianas."

    E. Zeigler, USA (1 month. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "It is your professionalism and a high degree of service quality that have allowed us to successfully organize an educational summer trip for Umar. A special thank you to all involved. And our deepest gratitude goes to the host family that has provided so much comfort to Umar looking after him."

    U. Mukhetdinov, Russia (Junior Program. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Las dos semanas en el Estudio Sampere me gustaron mucho. Puedo recomendar especialmente el programa Senior con sus actividades culturales y gastronómicas por la tarde. María , Joaquín y Alba son profesores muy competentes y simpáticos y enseñan individualmente. Un grupo reducido es ideal y la composición de nuestro grupo con una Americana, una Turca y un Suizo ha sido muy interesante. Gracias a todos!." (see video-testimonial)

    A. Moser, (2 weeks. Senior Program. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Estuve 5 meses en Salamanca, con la preparación al DELE como lengua extranjera. Gracias a estudio sampere por esa preciosa experiencia que nunca voy olvidar. Nada mejor aprender o mejorar el castellano en Salamanca por su rica cultura, su gentes y también sus famosas fiestas. Además tener mi diploma conocí gentes que hoy en día son amigos y me enamoré del 'campo charro'."

    S. Notario, France (12 weeks. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Mi estancia en la escuela estuvo genial. Gracias a los profesores, que enseñan muy bien la lengua y la cultura española, aprendí tambien esta vez muchísimo! Por supuesto volveré el año proximo otra vez a Sampere."

    M. Henn (1 month. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere Student

    "I chose Estudio Sampere for the high quality of its teachers and variety of programs. The school offers several intensive courses taught by professionals in small classrooms. The professors are very knowledgeable and provide a nurturing environment geared towards intensive immersion based learning. "

    J. Maracek, Czech Republic-USA (4 months. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "...My experience was awesome, not only for the high level of the school, but because Salamanca is a wonderful place to study in. For sure the greatest thing is about the teachers and the director, that for me were like a proper family! They helped me and supported me in many occasions, and not only in stuff related to their job as professors. I recommend this school to anyone who want to study or practice its spanish, because it is just the best school you can find!..."

    P. Martinetto, Italy (6 months. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "I'm very satisfied with my week at Estudio Sampere. I would love to repeat this experience for 3 weeks in Summer. Muchas gracias por todo."

    E. Forbin (1 week. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "...After a warm welcome to my one-week refresher course, I appreciated the well dosed mixture of relaxedness and stringency in groups of two only to really bring me forward. I particularly came to estimate the additional afternoon lectures dealing with guided visits of downtown Salamanca and the debates on various subjects."

    R. Bühler, Switzerland (March, 2016. Sampere SALAMANCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "He aprendido mucho en Estudio Sampere. Las clases eran muy divertidas e interactivas. Me gustó aprender sobre cultura durante las actividades."

    Tenisha, USA (Sampere SALAMANCA)

Estudio Sampere Alicante

  • Estudio Sampere student

    "In the beginning, it was a challenging experience as speaking English was not an option. I had no choice but to communicate in Spanish! Despite the challenge, due to my classes, teachers and outdoor school activities, Alicante was a lovely and sunny experience that I would love to have again!."

    S. Lodders, The Netherlands (14 weeks. Sampere ALICANTE)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "When I arrived at Alicante for the first time, everything was beautiful. My home was close to the beach and the school. I still remember my first day of sampere. It was small and lovely. Every students and teacher were just like family. I miss Alicante."

    YoungJae Cho, South Korea (20 weeks. Sampere ALICANTE)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "La escuela es excelente, la mejor que he visitado. Los profesores son muy amables y siempre preparados con lecciones interesantes y divertidas."

    Jack, Canada (Sampere ALICANTE)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "Es una escuela genial! I had a great time in all my classes."

    S. Chung, South Korea (Sampere ALICANTE)

Estudio Sampere Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Estudio Sampere student

    "¡Las clases en Estudio Sampere son lo máximo! En escuela también ofrecen clases de baile y cocina(con platos típicos de la región). Me ha encantado."

    Stefanie, Switzerland (Sampere CUENCA)
  • Estudio Sampere student

    "With my stay in Cuenca and at Estudio Sampere my love to the language and Spanish/Hispanic people started. I can only recommend to get to know Estudio Sampere, Cuenca and Ecuador. The school offers a wide range of leisure activities (excursions, cooking, movie nights, dancing) and the host families, attractions and bars are all within walking distance from the school. Cuenca is a green city with a beautiful old town and a lot of culture and history as well as a beautiful national park nearby. Also Ecuador with its four natural regions (Galapagos Islands, the coast, the Andean highlands and the Amazon rainforest) is a great country to travel."

    E. Schmid, Switzerland (Sampere CUENCA)
  • "Thanks again to all of you! My daughter had a very nice experience and I will be sure to recommend your school in the future!!"

    D. M. Davies, USA (Sampere CUENCA)
  • "Cuenca is the ideal location to learn Spanish with lots of culture and a very nice old town."

    R. Greter, Switzerland (Sampere CUENCA)

Estudio Sampere La Habana, Cuba

  • Estudio Sampere Student Cuba

    "If you want to learn Spanish and enjoy the beauty of Cuba at the same time, the traveling classroom is for you. It is a great way to meet people from all over the world. The casa particulares we stayed at during our trip were exceptional. Our teachers were knowledgeable and did their best to accommodate our needs. During the two weeks I spent with Estudio Sampere, I learned more than just Spanish. They taught me about Cuba's history, culture, and the day to day lives of the Cuban people. Thank you Estudio Sampere La Habana for an experience that I will never forget! Here is a youtube video of our time there"

    A. Esposo (Sampere LA HABANA)
  • Estudio Sampere Group Cuba

    "Our experience with Estudio Sampere in Cuba was absolutely excellent in all ways. The Director Alberto took such good care of us, the program was very professional and humane to the students, and the meals were delicious. Cuba's best resource is definitely its people. We plan to return next year and will organize another program with Estudio Sampere in Cuba

    Rhodes College student group (May 2016. Sampere LA HABANA)
  • Estudio Sampere Group Cuba

    "..very impressed with Estudio Sampere's program and with the care and attention given to our Bridgewater students. Estudio Sampere provided a safe and enriching experience for them, and we are grateful for their efforts.

    Bridgewater College student group (January 2016. Sampere LA HABANA)
  • Estudio Sampere Cuba student

    "With great pleasure I joined the classes in Havanna school. The teachers were competent and friendly and tried to bring us in short time to a certain level in the spanish language. We also heard a lot about the culture and daily life in Cuba. The lunch, prepared by a lovely kitchen team, was excellent. In general good invested money.

    V. Grunsch, Switzerland (Sampere LA HABANA)
  • Estudio Sampere Cuba student

    "I enjoyed my time at Sampere Habana very much. Teachers were great, additionally to the grammar and vocabulary we learned a lot about culture, lifestyle and history of Cuba during classes. I also attended to their Travel & Study Program which was organized by the school. During our travels through the eastern part of Cuba we took Spanish lessons while exploring Cuba with locals. All in all an experience I would never wish to miss out on.

    A. Wipfler, Austria (Sampere LA HABANA)
  • Estudio Sampere Cuba student

    "I loved my teacher, forgot his name though and had individual lessons as fitted to my knowledge. Food was good and people very nice and good. The excursion was cool too and the school adapted to my wish of only doing two days instead of three. School arranged events in the afternoon or evening that were cool and on the last day the owner drove me to the airport. Overall a good experience.

    K. Klusch, Germany (Sampere LA HABANA)
  • "My general impression of the experience is very good. I was very satisfied with the residence where I stayed, the classrooms, teachers and I recommend La Habana to anyone who has a passion for travel."

    M. Gnos, Switzerland (Sampere LA HABANA)
  • "First of all we'd like to say that we had a great time and we really liked Havana, the school, the excursions and especially the food at the school."

    B. Zumsteg and C. Brunner, Switzerland (Sampere LA HABANA)

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