• Estudio Sampere Spanish course students
  • Estudio Sampere Spanish course students
  • Estudio Sampere Spanish course students
  • Estudio Sampere Spanish course students


Intensive Spanish Course + Travelling through Andalucía

This 2-week program is an amazing opportunity to explore culture in the beautiful Southern region of Spain while learning the language. During the travelling part of the Program, the classroom is replaced by famous patios, historical landmarks, beaches, natural landscapes and wonderful architecture.

The first week offers an intensive Spanish course of 20 lessons with cultural activities at Estudio Sampere Madrid, Salamanca or Alicante. The second week involves a combination of classes and travelling with a teacher to the South of Spain, visiting Córdoba, Sevilla, Málaga and Granada.

  • Starting Dates

    2-week program with specific starting dates:
    February 5th, February 19th, September 3th and September 17th.

  • Accommodation

    Host-family Individual half-board family accommodation during the first week of the Program.
    Individual half-board accommodation in hotels during the travelling part of the course Note: There?s a double room option for friends or couples travelling together.

  • Course Levels

    Elementary (A2) to Intermediate (B1, B2)
    Students with other levels (C1, C2) can also attend the program.

  • Activities

    Entrance fees and private transportation during the travelling week are included. The trip includes a wide range of interesting sites: Don Quixote?s windmills, city and river tours, art museums, nature walks, the must-see architecture of each city and a variety of gastronomic and leisure activities.

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