Our Ecuador Travel & Study program starts at Estudio Sampere Cuenca, where students will take an intensive 20-lesson course. In addition to the course, a number of visits to popular markets, museums and craft workshops are planned, from Monday to Friday.

Itinerary: Cuenca - Inca trail- train travel- Guayaquil- Pacific Coast (spondylus route) - Quito

The second week consists of a travel combining classes with adventure in Ecuador, a visit to the mountains in the heart of the Andes, to the warm Pacific coast and back to Quito to visit some of the attractions of this gorgeous city. The programme includes an intensive course in Cuenca with homestay in single room, full board, private transport to the selected destinations with half board hotel accommodation and tickets to the attractions. Minimum of 3 students.

  • Starting Dates

    2-week program with specific starting dates:
    February 18th, July 1st, July 22nd and October 7th 2019.

  • Accommodation

    Host-family Individual half-board family accommodation during the first week of the Program.

    Individual half-board accommodation in hotels during the travelling part of the course.
    Note: Double room option is available for friends or couples travelling together.

  • Course Levels

    Elementary (A2) to Intermediate (B1, B2)
    Students with other levels (C1, C2) can also attend the program.

  • Activities

    Entrance fees and private transportation during the travelling week are included. The trip includes a wide range of interesting sites: visiting traces of the Incas and their famous Camino Real or Qhapaq Ñan; Devil's Nose (la Nariz del Diablo) train route in Andes, visit to nearly deserted beaches of warm waters to enjoy the sun and the sand and surfing and kayaking activities; visits to traditional communities that help in the preservation of animal and endemic bird species; a tour around Quito and a visit to Parallel Zero, the Middle of the World.

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